Christof v d Walt - Walt Photography

It begins  with ideas. 

Ideas born out of the beauty of our world and ideas inspired by its people. Over the years I've seen how ideas can be given form through the medium of photography. It has inspired me to pursue photography as a means of expressing myself. I saw that through photography I could realize the visions that become visible in those moments just before sleep.

When I'm not pursuing my own projects I shoot commercially and love to collaborate and produce work that realizes the creative teams vision and clients commercial needs.

I live and work in Cape Town and Johannesburg

I'm represented by Red Hot Ops in Johannesburg and One League in Cape Town

Cell:     +27 82 5650855                       Agent: Red Hot Ops - Johannesburg

Tel:     +27 21 6712153                             Tel: 011 463 4278

Email:    Email:


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